Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

(Lyrics) T-Max - Fight The Bad Feeling [English Translation]

What do I do?
I keep having a bad thoughts.
I’m sorry
I know that I can’t be like this
If I say that it’s a lie
Will my heart go back?
Tears fall
I can’t even look at you because I’m so sorry, my heart hurts
What do I say first?
I can’t think
You keep making me have bad thoughts
The heart that’s forgetting you is not a good heart to me
It’s such a bad heart
It’s a bad heart. It’s a bad heart!!!
Our love will never go away.. never!
Making me have bad thoughts
Erasing our love.. It’s such a bad thought 
I don’t like farewells..
Just breaking up with you.. I don’t like it even if I die
Just think of me kindly
If you just say one word
I have no other wish

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